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July 31, 2010

Baby Room - Phase 4

Our bubble rug arrived on Thursday and we finally put it in the baby room. It is a little small - but the larger size was far too big for the room. We tried to make it work as best as we could and I think it looks great so far. There are still quite a few things we need - the baby mattress, bed skirt, changing pad, and art work. The walls look so bare without anything on them!

July 30, 2010

Thai Times Two

The baby has been craving Thai food lately. In particular the eggplant, pumpkin, tofu from Bulan Thai. On Wednesday night Andrew and I ventured out for dinner and a movie and I couldn't resist going there. Then last night Christine wanted to go and we went for the second time in a row! It might not look appealing - but the above dish is absolutely delicious.

After dinner mommy and baby were definitely full and happy. Although the baby was craving frozen yogurt for dessert.

We all headed over to Yogurtland for an after dinner treat. Peanut Butter and Pecan Praline with bananas and graham cracker sprinkles - yuuuuuuuuummmy.

July 29, 2010

Baby Bump - 29 Weeks

I'm 29 weeks today and can hardly believe that I only have 11 weeks to go. That is less than 3 months until D-Day! I'm definitely starting to feel a little more tired and achey now that I am in the 3rd trimester. Thankfully I am not feeling HUGE yet and I can still see my feet. The belly button is slowly starting to make its way out although it hasn't quite gotten there yet. I'm crossing my finger it never fully does!

Here is a close up of the baby bump. This week the baby is the size of a butternut squash measuring 17 inches (she hasn't grown much since last week) and weighing around 3.1 pounds!

July 28, 2010

Baby's First BBQ

This weekend Andrew and I decided to have some friends over for a little BBQ/Pool Party! The sun was shining and the pool was a delicious 86 degrees!

Thankfully Grandma & Grandpa Cahn gave us their old Weber grill. I have to admit I didn't think Andrew could do it - but boy was I wrong! The burgers were DELICIOUS!

Believe it or not there were 3 pregnant ladies all enjoying the gorgeous weather. The above picture is of my friend Becky. As you can see she is going to have the baby at any moment - she's due August 1st.

Auntie Christine was there too as you can see from our underwater antics. Andrew bought a sweet underwater camera and whenever we have people over they love using it in the pool!

July 27, 2010

More Clothes Than Daddy

Believe it or not, our little baby girl has more clothes in her closet than daddy. She isn't even here yet and she has over 75 adorable outfits. Compared to her daddy's wardrobe that is pretty impressive! She still has a little ways to go to compete with mommy.

Janie and Jack

My new favorite brand for our little girl is Janie and Jack. My friend Juliet works for the company in San Francisco and sent a big box of clothes a few weeks ago. The box was filled with the cutest little dresses, jumpers, sleepers, shoes, and hats. I can't wait to put our baby in all of the outfits - she will definitely be the most stylish kid on the block! Like mother like daughter. Thanks Juliet!

July 26, 2010

Baby Room - Phase 3

The baby room is finally coming together! Auntie Lotus got us the changing table that matches the crib and it arrived last week. We finally put it together and it looks great! And by we, I mean daddy. He was very careful this time not to drop any pieces and scratch the wood. (we had a little mishap when he put together the crib)

A few days later the bookshelf from Grandma Rufer arrived! Unfortunately we don't have enough books to fill it up - although I'm sure I won't be able to resist buying a few the next time we are at the bookstore.

July 24, 2010

Los Angeles Baby Shower

I'm getting a little worried since I haven't received the invites for the LA shower. I'm hoping they come next week so I can mail them out. Hopefully everyone will be able to make it and it will be just as good as the Sacramento shower!

July 23, 2010

Call me Mrs. Cahn

It has only taken 3 years, but I am officially Kimberlie Eve Cahn. At least when it comes to the Social Security department! I still have my drivers license, passport, mortgage, and credit cards to take care of. I have to admit it feels pretty good to finally be Mrs. Cahn.

(Andrew has blurred out my actual social security number just in case there are crazy fans reading my blog that might want to steal my identity)

The "Pregnant 15"

Well its finally happened - I've hit the +15 pound mark. It seems like I'm right on track to gain the advised 25-35 lbs. I have to admit I was a little shocked when I got on the scale this morning. Thank goodness I have the perfect excuse.

July 22, 2010

Baby's Special Gifts

For the last 4 days I have been organizing all of the wonderful gifts we've received for the baby. Her closet has more clothes than her daddy's - and I'm not even joking! She has countless books, shoes, bath toys, furniture, and blankets. There are even a few cool gadgets for me like the video monitor and the baby steamer/blender!

However, there were a few notable gifts that made me cry. One was a handmade bear with a matching baby blanket and music block from Grandma Carolyn. I am sure that our little baby girl will love her blanky just as much as her mommy!

And an adorable velvet watermelon outfit and handmade crocheted jacket from my mom that was mine as a baby! It is crazy that our little girl will have an outfit that her mommy wore! But the topper was a letter for the baby when she gets older.

My Aunt Sharon also brought me a wonderful music box that belonged to my nana. I'm so happy our baby will have something that belonged to her since she was one of my all time favorite people. It is very true what they say: There is nothing more special than a grandma.

My stepmom Joann and my Aunt Gloria made baby quilts. Both are absolutely amazing and I can't wait to wrap her up in them!

All in all a special thanks to EVERYONE for all the wonderful gifts for the baby. Her room is jammed packed with goodies!

Baby Bump - 28 Weeks

I cannot believe I am already 28 weeks pregnant! Time is flying by. I have 12 weeks until my official due date which seems right around the corner. I have to admit I am getting a little nervous about D-Day. We start our birthing classes in a month, so hopefully that will ease my mind a little.

Here is a close up of the bump. She is definitely getting bigger! This week she is the size of a cabbage measuring 17 inches and weighting almost 3 pounds. For the last couple of days I have been able to feel her moving around in my tummy. Not only the jabs and kicks from the last few months but now I feel her moving from one side to the other! Pretty soon there won't be enough room in there for all her movements - I have to enjoy it while I can.

July 21, 2010

hospital tours

a week ago kim and i went on a tour of the new maternity wing of our hospital. i have to say it was pretty nice. we were on a tour with about 20 other expecting couples. kim was very excited about the plasma tv in the rooms. she said that she'll just be relaxing watching a movie while the baby is coming out. haha, we'll see.


July 20, 2010

Baby Shower Bonanza!

Last week I flew into Sacramento to help my mom with a few last minute details for the baby shower. Even though I knew it would be a great party - I had no idea just how fabulous it would be. My mom really outdid herself!

The centerpieces were absolutely adorable! My friend Poppie had a baby shower last year and I stole a few ideas from her party since there were so many amazing details. Thanks Cathy Goodman for all your help with the blocks!

Lotus, Carolyn, and Andrew hung baby pictures up in the entryway of my parents house. Andrew says he is the cuter baby.... but I have to disagree. I was just as cute!

My adorable niece Alison looked so cute at the party and had been looking forward to it for days!

Here is a picture of Alison and I with Aunt Marsha. It was so good to see her and I know she can't wait for our little girl to arrive.

The food was soooooo delicious! Mama Kim Cooks is truly the best catering company in Sacramento. They made sure all the tables looked perfect and that every person at the party had what they needed. Including VEGGIE quesadillas for my vegetarian sister, Karrie.

Shawn, Austin, and Lotus all made the trek from Los Angeles to be a part of the party. It was so nice to have some of my LA peeps in Sacramento!

There were even some friends from high school that showed up! This is a picture of one of my good friends from way back then - Laurie Perry. It is crazy to think that we were in high school 17 years ago!

Here I am with all of the presents. Alison was such a good little helper. She handed me each gift and helped me unwrap them. I loved every single item and can't wait to have the baby here so that I can utilize them all!

My aunt Sharon and cousins Cindy and Karen even made it to the baby shower! I hadn't seen them in years and it was so good to have them there. I only wish our Nana could have been with us. She would have had a great time but I know she was smiling down from wherever she is.

Karrie and me with Alison. Look at the pose on her! She definitely takes after her auntie's.

Here is a picture of Grandma Carolyn and Grandma Melodie with the mommy to be! I know they both can't wait for her arrival and I look forward to sharing her with both of them. I'm hoping she doesn't get too spoiled with these two amazing grandma's.

I'm crossing my fingers that everyone left with the homemade banana bread that Andrew and Carolyn made for the party. It is a Clayton family recipe and so yuuuuummy!

After one of the most amazing days ever, my mom helped Andrew and I load up our car for the long drive home. Believe me - the car was PACKED with goodies from the shower. Our little baby is one lucky lady!

July 15, 2010

Baby Bump - 27 Weeks

I'm 27 weeks today and am now in the 3rd trimester. It's so crazy to think that I am two thirds of the way through!

Here is a close up of the bump. This week the baby is the size of a head of cauliflower - measuring 16 inches long and weighing 2.5 pounds.

July 12, 2010

Gestational Diabetes Results

Last week I got the results back from my gestational diabetes test. Everything came back normal!! Thank goodness, because I have been craving sweets like nobody's business.

July 11, 2010

Molly's Bachelorette Party

Yesterday was Molly's bachelorette party. We started the day off at the Chateau Marmont for brunch - I had the most amazing veggie sandwich! After that we chilled by the pool for a few hours of sunshine.

That night we headed over to Osteria La Buca for dinner. Here is the bride to be - gorgeous!

Dinner was absolutely delicious. Becky (above) had the most amazing veggie risotto. She is due in 3 weeks and couldn't look better. I can't wait for our little girls to play together.

Here we all are after dinner. The nights festivities continued at Brass Monkey, but Becky and I were exhausted so we headed home. Thank goodness we had the perfect excuse!

July 10, 2010

Disastrous Date Night

Last night Andrew rushed home to spend a quality evening with mommy. I was craving Thai so we headed over to Bulan for a quick dinner before our movie. I had purchased 8:35pm tickets to see "The Kids are Alright".

Dinner was delicious and they even had non alcoholic beer! Since being pregnant, it is the one strange thing that I crave.

After dinner we headed over to the Arclight and got in line for popcorn, red vines, and soda. The baby looooooves popcorn. We got to our seats and there was a group of ladies sitting in them. Turns out I bought tickets to the Saturday night showing instead of friday night. Ooops. We ended up taking our popcorn and candy back home and renting a movie. I guess there really is such a thing as pregnancy brain.

July 9, 2010

Baby Room - Phase 2

My goal when I returned from Portugal was to organize the baby room first, then the rest of the house. It is always pretty clean, but not as organized as Andrew and I would like. I realized that I was using the baby room as my second closet, as you can see from the above picture. Oooops.

I bought some baby hangers and got all of my "extra" clothes out. Now it looks like a baby closet with clothes, shoes, books, and toys! She is going to be a very lucky little girl.