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February 7, 2017

Griffith Park Observatory

Last week Busters class went on a field trip to the Griffith Observatory. The kids are studying the solar system so it was the perfect place to go!

February 6, 2017

Olive & Buster Update


- Reading like crazy. I have to watch myself when I spell things that I don't want her to hear - she can pretty much figure it out!
- Picks out her own clothes every day. 
- Finally has discovered that jeans are cool - she prefers them over dresses.
- Can braid her own hair.
- Obsessed with her American Girl dolls. We've set up the little room off of her bathroom as her dolls bedroom.
- Lost a total of 8 teeth.
- Going to start piano lessons in a few weeks. Crossing my fingers she loves it!
- Loves Kidz Bop (group of kids that sing current songs). I got her tickets for Christmas to their concert and she was beyond excited.
- Can do a cart wheel perfectly.
- Reads a book to Buster every night. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever.


- Was coming into our room every night wanting to sleep in our bed. Now, we walk him back to his bed and tuck him in. 
- Knows every word to the Trolls movie.
- Loves to sing all the songs from Moana
- Is figuring out letters. His favorite thing to say when he sees a K is "Mommy - this letter is in your name and Neeks name" (Neek is his bff at school)
- Loves school. He's always on his best behavior there and the teachers LOVE him.
- Only wants Daddy. I'm pretty much chopped liver at the moment.
- Obsessed with puzzles. He puts 3 together every day.
- Loves to scooter at the park. If he could, he would go every single day.
- Discovered the app store on our iPhones. There are about 45 games downloaded on mine alone. Thankfully they are all free!
- Getting more picky when he eats. His favorite thing to say is, "Mommy - my tummy is full!"