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August 31, 2015

Buster Busty Bust Bus

Apparently David Beckham calls his son "Buster"….….. Seems like we picked a pretty good name after all.  Check out his instagram account here.

I've always called Brooklyn ( Buster ) since the day he was born.... Love you Bust

School Helper

Every Thursday I volunteer in the classroom at Olive's new school. Last week was my first day and I have to say it was amazing and tiring - all at the same time! I feel so fortunate to be able to spend time in class with Olive and all of her friends. And the best part - I feel like I'm actually helping!  

August 25, 2015

Brentwood Focus - Yosemite

Click here to read the newest issue of Focus.

August 24, 2015

Olive's First Concert

Months ago I promised Olive that I would take her to see Taylor Swift when she came to Los Angeles. I asked anyone and every one for help in getting tickets. A week before the show - it seemed pretty apparent that we weren't going to be able to get them. At the last minute my friend Betsy had 4 tickets that a business associate couldn't use. Guess what….WE WENT. And we had the best time ever.

August 23, 2015

Bay Island with Mamas

Last weekend we spent the night in Newport to spend time with my mom and stepdad. Of course we took the kids to the fun zone for a little ferris wheel action. Unfortunately, this was right in the timeframe that olive's tooth was almost out so she wasn't eating or drinking……thank goodness that phase is over.

Moodboard - House

Andrew and I have been decorating the house for months - but there are still a few more things that we need. In all honesty….I think it might take a lifetime to fill this house! For Andrew's birthday I got him the bookcase below. We were going to make one, but in the end we decided to splurge for something nicer! Now I need to buy some coffee table art books to fill it!
I bought a beautiful set of vintage end tables and lamps a few weeks ago.  I want to get another set for our guest bedroom. The lamp above is from West Elm - don't you just love the little pop of wood? It's much harder to find a pair of matching bedside tables. I'm in the market for teak ones. We'll see if I can find them! I've also been trying to add a lot of living plants around the house. We have all of these amazing built in planters everywhere and Carolyn is going to help me plant ferns and succulents (I'll do a blog entry about that later).  I've also been on the lookout for cool mid century knick knacks. I recently found the brass swans and wooden candle holders on ebay. I'm still looking for some wood carved animals. 

August 22, 2015

Olive's First Day of TK

Tuesday was Olive's first day of TK! For those of you who don't know what that is - it stands for Transitional Kindergarten. It's basically geared towards all the little ones born in the fall who miss the kindergarden age cut-off.  The teacher is amazing and Olive had a great week. She won the Principal's Best Award on Friday! The nicest part about going to her new "big girl" school is that Harper is in the classroom next to hers. It's nice having a familiar face on the playground. (how cute are they?!?)

August 19, 2015

LA Zoo

Here are a few pictures from our trip to the Los Angeles zoo last week. I have to say - the kids LOVED it. A special thanks to Grandma for taking us!

August 18, 2015

Olive's Tooth UPDATE

Last night at 2am the tooth fairy helped us and pulled Olive's tooth out. Thank goodness for those fairies......

I'll post a picture soon.

August 17, 2015

Olive's Tooth

So here's the deal. Things have been a little crazy in the Cahn household for the last few days. Olive has a VERY loose tooth. You would think that with it being her second one - she wouldn't be scared of it falling out. Wrong. WRONG. The poor thing is absolutely terrified that she will swallow it. Her solution was to go on a hunger strike and not eat or drink anything for 48 hours. Yup. Forty-Eight long, awful, terribly stressful hours. Finally last night around 9pm after watching everyone eat and smelling all the food - she broke down and had turkey, cheese, and 2 glasses of chocolate milk. Granted - the turkey and cheese were cut up into the teeniest pieces. But still - she ate it.  And I went to bed a little less worried. Also to note - Andrew and I have tried every night to pull that thing out. Neither of us have had any luck. Her first day of school is tomorrow and I'm hoping the tooth fairy will help us out. I'll keep you posted………

August 11, 2015

Buster Update

There have definitely been moments when Buster has driven me crazy. But this moment, right now, he pretty much is my favorite person. Don't get me wrong - he is still a pain in the butt. But I can't resist those long, long lashes and his quirky smile. The kid has me wrapped around his finger.


- Peed in the toilet for the first time. Secretly I think it was because I told him he would get a few jelly beans if he did.
- Likes to brush his teeth before bed.
- Loves the remote control light in his room. Every morning he says, "Mommy - light. Light. Light"
- Wears a size 8 shoe! Olive is a 9….so he is quickly catching up to her.
- Obsessed with orange juice. He brings his cup to me every day and says - "Juice. Juice."
- Likes to take the cushions off of the couch so that he can jump on it.
- Loves the water. We have a swim teacher that comes to the house for lessons with him and he is really good! Granted he's gotten a little too comfortable in the water and likes to just launch off the top step. 
- A few weeks back we had a week where he was fighting sleep. At bedtime he would cry for a few minutes. Thankfully - he is back to being the worlds most amazing sleeper.
- Discovered Andrew's old train set. Every morning he asks us to build him one. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever. He can actually put the pieces together himself too!
- His favorite movie is 'Big Hero 6'. 
- Enjoys antagonizing his sister. There are at least a handful of times that I have to break the 2 of them apart. Believe me - I'm working on it.