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January 17, 2018

2018 Updates

I feel like this year is jam packed with events, shows, trips, and a million things to do already! I've been busy taking a photos, and have a few shoots coming up. In the beginning of February Mark Wilkinson (an Australian singer/songwriter) will be preforming at our house. In March the kids are on Spring Break and I'm trying to find a fun place to go. In April I want to have an early celebration birthday getaway. Then we also have a few days at Disneyland with my mom and stepdad. Then in May its my actual birthday and my family is planning on spending a few days in Los Angeles. June we have Yosemite and the kids get out of school. Over the summer we are planning on remodeling our kitchen and spending some time in Sacramento. August is Andrew's 40th birthday. And then the kids start up school again. Buster will be in kindergarten which is hard to believe! 

January 10, 2018