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May 31, 2011

Sick Mommy - Sick Baby

I woke up this morning with a 100 degree temperature.  Needless to say I'm not feeling too hot.  Poor little Olive is sick too.  I'm hoping we kick it in the next few days since lounging around the house is sooooo boring. Thankfully daddy stayed home to take care of us.  I'm crossing my fingers he does a few blog entries too.

May 29, 2011

Wedding Photobooth Fun

Last weekend at Justine's wedding they had a photobooth.  As you all know - I am a big fan of the vintage ones, but the new ones are pretty cool too.

Needless to say, I didn't need any excuses to go in a few times!

Here are a few more of Andrew with Karrie and Todd.  Thankfully they love him.  Although judging from both pictures, maybe I need to watch out.

Bracelets for Kimmie

Last weekend Todd and his awesome girlfriend Liz gave me the most amazing bracelet for my birthday. It has a rose gold heart with a ruby and it is GORGEOUS - I love it!  I received so many wonderful gifts from all of my friends and family.  My birthday this year was the best yet.  Especially because I have little Olive to share it with.

May 28, 2011

Glamour Shot - 32 Weeks

Olive Harper Cahn - 32 Weeks

Mommy & Daddy Date Night

Last night Andrew and I decided to go on a hot date.  It's so nice having Ayslinn here because she is happy to watch Olive whenever we want!

We decided on Lukshon since I had been dying to try it since opening a few months ago.  Dinner was absolutely amazing and it was nice having some "alone" time.  I took photos of all the food but realized this morning that I missed our last dish and our dessert!  Guess I had one glass of wine too many.  Oops.

Olive Has a Sleepover

Last night Oliver slept over.  Jen and her husband Peter had a date night planned, but their babysitter backed out at the last minute.  Being the good friend that I am, I offered my services.  I couldn't pass up a night to hang with little Oliver.

First up - dinner time.  Sweet potatoes, apples, and blueberries - so yummy.  Oliver pretty much ate everything whereas Olive was done after a few bites.  She does love her little finger puffs though!

Then on to bathtime.  Thankfully Ayslinn was here to help because two little munchkins in the bathtub is hard work!

Finally after getting both babies ready for bed, they snuggled in Olive's crib.  Pretty cute, huh?  Olive went to sleep early in our bed, while Oliver played on the mat.  It was obvious he wasn't tired so I let him stay up and have dinner with the big kids.  Around 7:15pm his little eyes were starting to droop.  After another bottle he passed out in Olive's crib.  He is seriously the sweetest little boy ever.

May 27, 2011

Mommy's Night on the Town

Wednesday night I joined Crissy and Olga at our favorite sushi place - Echigo.  We wanted to celebrate Crissy's birthday a little early - and what better way than with some delicious raw fish?  It is seriously the best sushi I have ever had.  From the albacore to the yellowtail to the kanpachi to the scallop to the salmon to the butterfish - every bite is better than the last!

I adore my daughter, but sometimes it is sooo nice to have a night off with the ladies.  Happy Happy Birthday Crissy!!!

May 26, 2011

Auntie Ayslinn Comes to Stay

For the last few days our friend Ayslinn has been staying with us.  She decided to move back to New Hampshire and needed a few weeks to get all of her things together.  We gladly told her to come and stay with us.

It's especially great because she ADORES Olive.  I plan on taking care of some business next week while Ayslinn watches her for me.  Who says there weren't any strings attached?

Olive Goes to Whole Foods

In the Cahn household, daddy goes to the store.  Here's the thing: I tend to buy a bunch of random crap when I end up going.  A trip for a bottle of wine quickly turns into a $300 shopping spree.  In any case, Molly and Tim inspired me to cook more.  Olive and I decided to go to Whole Foods on Tuesday afternoon so we could cook a feast for daddy.  I made flank steak in a sweet wine reduction sauce, peanut soba noodles, a green salad, and strawberry shortcake for dessert.  Let me just say this:  IT WAS ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS.  The steak was cooked to perfection and the sauce was sweet, rich, and yummy.  The soba noodles were perfect. And how could you go wrong with strawberry shortcake.  The only problem?  Andrew worked until 2am.

olive's loves to tell time

here's a pic of the little tyke with her new favorite chew toy - my watch. she always goes for it on my arm, and if she's being particularly fussy it is a surefire cure.  i'm sure her new teeth aren't doing its finish any favors, but how can you say no when she bats her little blue eyes?

May 25, 2011

Olive Goes to LP

Before Olive was even a thought in my mind - I worked at a place called Lost Planet.  Funnily enough, Lost Planet is a few doors down from the place I worked for almost 12 years - Mad River Post.  Down from both offices there is a library and every Tuesday morning they have story time for babies.  Yesterday, I headed out early so that Olive and I could meet the infamous Mr. Jessie.  Unfortunately we missed story time since mommy got the times mixed up.  But at least we got to swing by Lost Planet and see Sylvia.  She is the sweetest and reads the blog every day!

May 23, 2011

Timmy Grows Up

To celebrate Tim's acceptance into UCLA, Molly had a few people over for a dinner at their house.

On the menu - Tofu and asian coleslaw on top of sweet potato.  It was vegan and absolutely delicious.

Congratulations Tim!  You are a super duper smarty pants and we are so proud of you!

May 22, 2011

Glamour Shot - 31 Weeks (ish)

Olive Harper Cahn - 30 Weeks

Birthday Dinner Make Up

Tonight we went to Sotto for my belated birthday dinner.  After our extravagant 4 hour dinner at Melisse, we weren't up to another night out, so canceled our reservation on my actual birthday.

Olive was a little bit fussy so we had to eat quickly so we could put her to bed asap.  The food was yummy and we will definitely be back.  Maybe without Olive next time.

Unfortunately I think this means my birthday celebrations are officially over.

Olive's First Wedding

Yesterday afternoon Karrie's good friend, Justine, got married.  She looked absolutely stunning and the ceremony was short and sweet.  It's crazy to think that I babysat her when she was a little girl!

I even got my hair done since my hair is getting so long and difficult to style.  I went to the braid bar at Nine Zero One salon in West Hollywood. For $25 you can't beat it!

Olive got to wear her pretty new dress and daddy looked super sharp in his suit.  All in all I think we are a pretty good looking family.  I, for one, love getting dressed up!

During the "I Do's" Olive was happy to chew on the pew.  As you can see from the picture - she left her mark!

Mom, Todd, Lizzy, and Karrie were all at the wedding too.  As you can see everyone looked super snazzy.

The reception afterward was held in an airport hanger.  The bride and groom even got to taxi in on an old DC-3 airplane (thankfully Andrew knew that detail).

After dinner we had to make a break for it, since it was way past Olive's bedtime.  She ended up sleeping through the night so maybe we should go to weddings more often!