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October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Today we went to the library to celebrate Halloween with some of Olive's friends. From left to right: Charlotte was a bunny, Alex was a dinosaur, Lula was a monkey, Olive was a strawberry, and Sabrina was a panda. How cute are they?


i've said it once, and i'll say it again... dealing with teething sucks. imagine little fangs popping through your gums... and not being able to tell anyone it hurts... a recipe for non-stop fussing, anger, and drool.

now take a look a this photo of olive's mouth - 3 teeth coming through at once.

i'm not sure we'll be able to survive it...

October 30, 2011

To Be or Not to Be.....

When I first started this blog I made the proclamation that I would only do it for a year. Somewhere along the line I got hooked. Writing entries and posting pictures has been an outlet of sorts for me. Being a "stay-at-home" mom isn't easy - I never realized just how hard it could be. I've had to put my needs aside in order to care for the most important person in my life. Even though there are days when I feel like I might be going crazy - it is a thousand times more rewarding than any job I could ever have. Olive means the world to me. So the fact that I get to spend all of my time with her makes it even that much more special. I'm her first teacher - she will learn virtually everything from me. Sometimes it is a difficult road - but sometimes it is pure joy watching her do something for the first time. Her accomplishments are, in a way, my accomplishments too.

So basically - I've decided to continue with the blog. When I look back at old entries it is a way for me to remember what I was feeling when I wrote them. It is also a way for friends and family to be involved in Olive's life without having to actually be there every step of the way.

Mommy Time

For the last few weeks I've had our cleaning lady, Michelle, watch Olive for a few hours so I can have a little mommy time. For the most part, I use the time to run errands, go to the doctor, or cover my pesky gray hairs. Friday was an exception - I went and saw 50/50 by myself. It had been a long time since I'd seen a movie solo style. It used to be my absolute favorite thing to do and I remembered why I love it so much. I got my favorite drink and some fruit snacks and was able to sit quietly without worrying if the person next to me was enjoying themselves. I didn't have to talk to anyone after and ask what they thought of the movie. Or worse - explain why I either liked or disliked it. For the record - the movie was fantastic - funny, sad, smart, touching, and well acted. I absolutely LOVED it.

Playdate in the Park

Thursday afternoon we met Jenn, Olga, Alison, and Michelle at the park so the kiddies could play. It's so crazy to think that I knew most of these babies when they were only a few months old. Now they are one year olds! Time has flown by way too fast.

Bye Bye Sacramento!

Here are a few other pictures from our trip to Sacramento. Although I love spending time with my family, it's hard being away from home. I know that Andrew misses Olive like crazy when we are gone. Wednesday afternoon we got on a flight back to Los Angeles. Let me just say this - it is not easy being on a confined airplane with a 1 year old who is wide awake! 

October 28, 2011

Sisters Night Out

The night before we flew back to LA, I had dinner with Karrie and Ida at Mulvaney's. It was nice to go out - just us girls.

Karrie's friend Sean even joined us midway through dinner. He sort of looks like our brother Todd in this picture!!!!

We started with the smoked salmon, heirloom tomatoes and burrata, endive salad, and the squash tacos.  They were all good, but I think the salmon and burrata dishes were my favorite!

For our main entrees we had the porkchop, and the fettuccine with black truffles. Yuuuum! I only hope Olive loves food as much as I do when she gets older.

A Mother's Love....

This picture is from our recent trip to Tahoe - we are packing up the car and my mom is waving to me after a really fun weekend. I just want to pay tribute to her for a moment. She is the most fantastic woman I've ever met. Not only is she hard working, but she is probably the most thoughtful person I know. She is an amazing mom and she is the BEST grandma. I love her more than anything.

Oh wait, never mind, she wasn't waving at all - she was actually flipping me off. Thanks a lot Mom!

October 27, 2011

Olive Sees the Oliveira's

On Monday morning we drove to Turlock to have lunch with Nana. It had been awhile since we had seen her so it was nice spending some quality time together. We even got to see her office and meet some of her co-workers. Thanks for a great lunch - we love you Nana!

After lunch we headed to Gustine to spend some time with Papa, Aunt Marcia, and Uncle Mike. Papa even made dinner! He makes the best salad ever. I think it is because he puts so much celery in it.  One thing about me - I LOVE LOVE LOVE CELERY! It was so nice to see everyone and talk for a few hours. It seems like I've spent more time with the Oliveira's since Olive was born. Family is the most important thing to me now - so I couldn't be happier. I love you all very, very much.

Cute Outfits of the Week

As you all know - Olive has a closet full of cute clothes.  Now that she can fit into a size up - I have a lot more to choose from!  In the past week she has worn all of these adorable outfits.  Unfortunately I can't decide which one is the cutest so I had to post them all!


As soon as we returned from Lake Tahoe - we headed over to Ross & Ida's for a delicious home cooked meal and pumpkin carving!  Ida made salmon in a puffed pastry, mashed potatoes, string beens, and broccoli salad.  It was soooooo yummy!

And for dessert?  A birthday cake for Olive!  

After dinner we all got ready to carve our pumpkins.  Even Olive took part in the fun!

Everyone was excited to carve the best pumpkin ever!  I hadn't done it in awhile and forgot how much fun it is!

As you can see - everyone did a great job.  I hate to admit it, but I think mine might be the best!  (from left to right: Ross, Mine, Mom, Alison, Emma)

Guess Who Loves Spaghetti?