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February 28, 2016


A few weeks ago we took Buster to the Coop in the Valley. At first he was very scared to climb up the rope tunnel to the slide. But after getting over his fear - HE LOVED IT! 

To see the post where I took Olive to the Coop, click here.

February 25, 2016

February 24, 2016

Travel Town

Travel Town, January 2016

February 19, 2016


Pinz Bowling Alley

Dinner with Friends

Back when Becky and Byron were visiting, we had a dinner party with all of our friends and their kids.  It was so nice to have everyone together - it makes me excited for summer! I cannot wait to start having pool parties again. 

(kids from the top: Sadie -Byron and Becky's 10 month old baby. August - Molly and Tim's 2 year old.  Levi: Christine's 1 year old. Miles - Michelle's 2 year old.)

February 14, 2016

Lula Comes to Visit

A few weeks ago, the Chapman's came to visit for a few days. It was so good to see Becky and Byron and get the girls back together again. 

February 10, 2016

Update: Buster

- Talking like crazy. And in full sentences too! "No Daddy. Mommy put me to bed." "Mommy, rub tummy, pleaseeeeeee." It's pretty much the cutest thing ever. And his meltdowns are almost non-existent now that we can understand him.
- Starting to play well with other kids his age. We've seen Michelle and Miles a few times, and the boys are so adorable together. (I'll post some pics soon)
- SHARING!!! He gets so excited and says, "Moooooommmmmy…Share!!!!!" There are still moments where he refuses…..but we're working on it.
- No longer takes 100 toys to bed.
- Favorite movie last month was the 'The Croods'. This month it's 'The Smurfs'. We still have 'Polar Express' on the rotation too.
- Recently went to the dentist and to my utter surprise he sat there and let the dentist clean his teeth. No screaming. No hitting. My baby is growing up!!
- When Grandma comes every wednesday, he wants everyone to leave the room so it's just the 2 of them.
- Loves to take a bath in mommy's bathtub especially with his CARS color changers.
- Recently chipped his tooth. He tripped at Olive's school and landed right on his wonky tooth.
- Obsessed with watching home videos on the iPad. Usually they are of the same kids that post videos of them playing with their trains or cars.

February 8, 2016

February 2, 2016

Olive's New Love Interest

Olive asked me to post a picture of Jack on the blog. He's the boy on the left in the blue jacket. 2 weeks ago when I was volunteering in her classroom, she begged me to take a picture of the two of them. This was the best I could do. I'm still not quite sure how my 5 year old is so boy crazy. Then I remembered I had my first boyfriend in kindergarten… I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Update: Olive

- Still LOVES her school. She is definitely going to be an excellent student. The teachers and all the other kids LOVE her. 
- Taking Spanish after school. She can count to 20 and say a few things. I'm hoping by the time she is older she can actually speak the language fluently!
- Still boy crazy. First it was Sam. Then it was Jonah. Now it is Jack. (believe me…we try not to encourage it!)
- Loves to get pampered. We had an hour foot massage the other day and she was completely into it!
- Tells me every day that she wants a dog for her birthday. I'm not sure how I'm going to get out of it.
- Completely out of diapers. We didn't push it for nighttime and eventually she just stopped and hasn't asked us to put one on her in a long, long time.
- Prefers her hair curly now. I always invite her to get her hair blown out with me - but she says, "Mommy…I like my hair curly".
- Finally wearing skinny jeans and pants.
- Liv and Harper are her best friends at school.
- Starting to write sentences. Her handwriting is so nice and neat.

February 1, 2016