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March 27, 2014


I finally got the photos back from our photoshoot last month. I honestly couldn't dwindle down my favorites - there were soooooo many great ones! I really do love these little babies of mine.

* I couldn't wait for the full res files which is why the pics aren't crystal clear….


Buster definitely got the short end of the stick when it comes to one on one "mommy time". I've been feeling pretty guilty about it - so I've decided to try and make more of an effort.  This week we went to a Gymboree class!

Buster was pretty happy to be there. He was crawling on, up, and around everything - including me! He was much more into it then Olive ever was.

Olive was always happy to sit with the class whereas Buster wanted to explore everything! He's such a boy. And man do I love that little guy.

* all photos taken with my iPhone

March 23, 2014

Buster Brown

Why is it that we mothers constantly feel guilty about something? We tend to blame ourselves if our baby is fussy or not eating enough. I, for one, tend to beat myself up on a daily basis. Did I interact enough with Buster? Was I on my phone too much? Was I too hard on Olive. The list goes on and on and on. 

A few nights ago was a particularly rough one. Buster was not himself. He refused to nap and then refused to go to sleep. He screamed from 6:30 until 10pm - when I finally got him to go to sleep. Let's just say that I was beyond frazzled. I ended up calling my mom sobbing because I didn't know what to do. I couldn't get him to eat. I couldn't comfort him. And I couldn't get him to calm down. By the time he finally fell asleep - I couldn't! I was up most of the night worried that I had done something wrong. And that I was a terrible mom for letting him scream because I didn't know what else to do. The next day he was back to his normal, happy self. It was like it never happened. I doubt he will ever realize how those few hours shaved a few years off my life……

March 22, 2014

Grandma & Grandpa Cahn

Grandma & Grandpas - last weekend

March 20, 2014


I know I sound like a broken record, but Buster is sick AGAIN. It started Sunday night with a croup like cough that manifested itself into fever, runny nose, and all around fussiness. Let's just say that the entire Cahn household hasn't been getting much sleep. I took him to the doctor today (of course he was an angel while we were there) and they told me the same thing: it's a virus that just has to run it's course. There's nothing I can give him and not much I can do. I'm the worst when I'm sick and I can tell you that Buster definitely takes after me in that department! 

March 18, 2014


Buster has been close to walking for months. For whatever reason, he is taking his time mastering this new skill. His absolute favorite thing to do is walk with his little alligator lawn mower. He zips around the entire house with it and cries when we move on to something else. 

*will post a video soon

March 17, 2014

vine of the week

Moodboard - Green (Happy St. Patty's Day!)

In observance of St. Patrick's day - here are a few colorful items. I remember when I was little - I would scour my closets for something green so I wouldn't get pinched.  Do kids still do that?!?!

Shop these items:  1. Green Toys Recycling truck  2. Gap green dress 3. Urbanears headphones  4. Alexander McQueen sandal  5. Mila Brown bottle and vase  6 Baby gap pants  7.  Jonathan Adler sunglass case

March 15, 2014

Glamour Shot - 10 months

Buster Clayton Cahn - 10 months

March 14, 2014

DVF - Journey of a Dress

Thursday night, Lotus invited Erin and I to the Diane Von Furstenberg exhibit at the LACMA. It was a private event with only about 100 people. The iconic designer was there to meet everyone and answer questions about her famous wrap dress.

Dresses from every decade were displayed and believe it or not - it was hard to pick a favorite. I pretty much wanted all of them in my closet! The best part was meeting DVF and hearing about her life, work, and inspiration.

I had such a great time with these two lovely ladies. What's better than friends, wine, and fashion?

* photos taken with my iPhone