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January 30, 2013

Lula Comes to Visit

If only this was how sweet Olive was to Lula ALL the time.  We've had some issues - but that's a story for another day.

DIY - Crowns

One of the girls that ran the blogshop class has a cool website that I love to check out.  The other day she posted a Do-It-Yourself Crown project and I knew that Olive and I had to try it!

Our crowns didn't turn out as perfect as hers - but I think Olive loved them anyway!

January 29, 2013

Terrible Two's

How is it that Olive can be so sweet one moment, and then the next she is a terror? Her new thing is to throw her toys or worse - hit me. It's not like she is in the middle of a tantrum either. She is usually playing sweetly and then all of a sudden - WHOMP. She draws her arm back and smacks the side of my head. And more importantly, how is it possible that a 2 year old can actually inflict pain? I'm telling you - it hurts! I'm struggling with how to handle this new behavior. I'm not sure if time-outs really work and reasoning is out of the question. Is it really just the terrible two's causing these outbursts - or is it more than that? If anyone has any advice or suggestions - I'm all ears!

January 28, 2013

Christine's Bachelorette Madness

Our night started off pretty tame at Mohawk Bend for an early dinner and drinks. 

Then ended on a crazy note at Hollywood Men.

January 25, 2013

Baby Bump - 25 Weeks

Baby Bump - 25 Weeks

The baby is 13.5 inches long - about the size of a rutabaga and weighs around 1.5 lbs

Randy's vs Krispy Kreme

It's been raining in LA for the last couple of days and Olive and have been suffering from a cold. The only time we ventured outside was on Thursday morning to go to Randy's Donuts and Krispy Kreme to see who made a better donut. I was pretty surprised when it was Randy's hands down.

Mood Board for Olive

With the new baby coming in a few months - I've been getting excited to redo Olive's room. I find myself looking online everyday for things to put on her new bookshelf and toddler bed. I somehow always find a few things that she doesn't "need" - but that I just can't seem to resist.

Shop these items:  1. Mahalo Red Ukulele  2.Gap Heart top  3. Toddler Sheet set  4. Dots umbrella  5. Grimms Rainbow House  6. Knit Desserts

January 23, 2013

Little Buster

I had a doctors appointment today for my glucose test and they surprised me with an impromptu ultra-sound. Our little guy is getting so big!

January 22, 2013

A Day on the Rocks

Monday afternoon, Olive and I headed to the Science Center at USC. Unfortunately, I forgot that it was MLK day and the place was packed! Instead of spending all our time fighting the crowds - we decided to have a popsicle and play on the rocks. 

January 21, 2013

A Few More Things for Buster

I love doing these boards so much that it might become a weekly feature on the blog. Considering I have a looooong list of things that I'm always pining for - I think it will be easy!

Shop these items:  1. Mod Mom Noah Owl Toy box  2. Cardboard Safari Astro Rocket  3. 3 Sprouts Walrus Towel  4. Pottery Barn Kids Brooks Crib bedding  5. Sperry Top-Siders  6. Baby Walker

January 20, 2013

olive and dad take disneyland (lock up your children)

flashback to last wednesday -

all was not well in the cahn house - our pregnant homemaker had been taken down by a cold.  she was reduced to a shell of her previous happy-go-lucky self.  as a stroke of luck i had the day off, so i loaded up the car and took olive to disneyland for the day so mom could get some much needed relief.

let me sum up the day in one word - amazing.  according to the ticket lady at disneyland - we were there right in the middle of the sweet spot - all the kids were back in school and there were no major tour groups in town.  the longest wait for a ride was about 10 minutes.  which if you know disneyland, is basically the typical wait for the bathroom in the summer busy season.  in total we went on 13 rides, probably could have done more except for the 3 hour break in the middle for lunch and olive's nap.

i think the day off helped kim, but i'm sure she was super jealous that we had so much fun without her.

here are some of the highlights, artfully collaged by kim and her new photoshop skills -

January 19, 2013

More Photoshoot Pics

Here are a few more pictures from our photoshoot with Michelle last month. Andrew and I weren't supposed to be in any photos, but Michelle snapped a few great ones of us anyway. I especially love the ones of Olive and me.

Nature Walk

Instead of going to Olive's school yesterday we went on a Nature walk with the whole class in Temescal Canyon. I think our baby had more fun playing in the leaves than anything else! 

January 18, 2013

Baby Bump - 24 Weeks

24 Weeks

Baby is 12.5 inches long - about the size of an ear of corn and weighs around 1.25 lbs

January 17, 2013

A Few Things for Mommy

In my amazing Blogshop class - I learned how to do "mood boards". Apparently all the bloggers do them and I quickly fell in love with how they looked. And what a perfect way to keep track of all the things I want for my little ones and me!

Shop these items: 1. Fresh Brown Sugar Perfume  2. Kissing Elixirs Breath Mist  3. AG Stevie Polka Dot Ankle jeans (sold out)  4. bkr Water bottle  5. cdock iPhone Clock  6. Manolo Blahnik BB Pointed Toe Pump

Here Comes the Bride

Last weekend we threw Christine a lingerie bridal party at Molly's house. It's hard to believe that she will be getting married in less than a month! We opted out of most of the cheesy party games but had to do the toilet paper wedding dress! In any case - her and Garrett are perfect for each other and we couldn't be happier for them both. I, for one, am counting the seconds until their big day!

January 16, 2013

A Few Things for Olive

I did a little board for Buster and couldn't resist doing one for Olive too. Especially because I'm excited to redo her room! Grandma Cahn already got her the toddler bed for Christmas and Grandma Rufer got her the bookshelf. My plan is to get her the fish tank as a present from the baby once he arrives. I'm crossing my fingers that will make her like him just a little bit more.

Shop these items: 1.Oeuf Mini Library  2. 3 Sprouts Hippo Towel  3. Kidkraft Toddler Bed  4. Gap Heart one piece  5. Umbra FishHotel  6. Purple Hunter Boots

January 15, 2013

Sleep Baby, Sleep

Overall, we have been very lucky with Olive. She has always been such a good girl - especially at bedtime. Normally, we do our bedtime routine, put her in the crib, and walk out of the room. Lately, it's been a fight almost every night. Andrew and I are definitely starting to dread when the sun goes down! I'm hoping now that daddy is back to work, we can get back into our regular routine. Here's hoping anyway......

January 14, 2013

A Few Things for Buster

I've been thinking about our newest addition a lot lately. Maybe because I'm getting closer to my due date - or maybe because I'm just excited to buy our little guy a few things! Here are someitems that I'm dying over.

Shop these items: 1. BabyGap one-piece 2. Hand-knit stuffed animals from Branch 3. Eco-Baby Dots Blanket 4. Ninna Nanna Bassinet 5. Star Egg Nightlight 6. Petit Collage My World Map 7. BabyGap red jumper, cardigan, and shoes.

January 13, 2013