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January 10, 2021

Birthdays in Quarantine - May

The hardest thing about being in quarantine is celebrating birthdays without being able to do anything fun.  My birthday was first. And you know how much I love a good celebration for M-E. 

We had jello shots,homemade chocolate chip cookies, and of course wine! My friends Amanda, Joanne, and Merrin got us all dinner from my favorite sushi place and decorated our backyard so beautifully. It really was such a special day. Even if I couldn't live it up the way I really wanted to.

Next up was Busters birthday. We did another drive by - which broke my heart, but it was all we could do in lockdown. We ordered take out, had cake, and went on the roof to look at the view. Not the "normal" birthday I would have liked to do for him, but it was better than nothing....

January 8, 2021

Max Wanger Photoshoot

As you all know - my absolute favorite photographer is Max Wanger. I love love love all his photographs and for the last two years we've been lucky enough to get holiday pictures with him. This year we definitely took more than we did last year. The kids were much better behaved (they knew that their mom wouldn't mess around again) and Andrew was feeling much better.

This was our holiday card this year. I think it perfectly captures our crazy little family. I'm hoping that we can do it again next year!