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July 31, 2017


A few weeks ago my mom had the kids for a few days. I met them in Newport and we all went to Legoland. We had never been before - so we had no idea what to expect. The kids LOVED it. We went on all the rides - some of them twice! As you can see - we had a lot of fun.

(all photos taken on my iPhone or by Legoland staff)

July 24, 2017

Paci Fairy

Last week my mom took the kids for a few days and took them to the Zoo and Legoland. While the kids were with her - Buster stopped taking his pacifier. I'm not sure it was because I forgot to pack them - or that my mom withheld them from him.t Either way - he never asked for them and was fine! Last night we had a ceremony for all of his pacifiers. We kissed each one goodbye and put them in a box that he and Olive made. While they slept - the paci fairy came and left lots of balloons and presents! 

July 23, 2017

Tulum - Last Day

Our last day in Tulum was bittersweet. Neither one of us wanted to leave! We may not do a girls trip EVERY SINGLE year....but I definitely want to do another one soon. 

July 20, 2017

Tulum - Day 4

Day 4 in Tulum started like every other day. We woke up late and enjoyed a delicious breakfast at our hotel. I always opted for poached eggs on toast with avocado while Olive had yogurt with a side of bacon.

After spending a little time on the hotel beach reading books and playing in the water - we headed out to swim at Ana y Jose.

Ana y Jose is one of the few hotels that have a pool that non hotel guests can use for $20. We spent the rest of our afternoon swimming there.  It was especially fun for Olive because I "got my hair wet". I usually don't go under water since I hate having to get my hair blown out after. I rarely ever wear it curly these days! We had the best time jumping in the water and taking videos. We had lunch by the pool and the food was delicious! Olive even tried banana nutella crepes for the first time! She was in heaven. 

On our way back to the hotel we stopped at my favorite taco place on the beach.  The tacos are soooooooooooo good. We spent the evening at a full moon party at the hotel. We ate under the stars and enjoyed the beautiful night. It was a great great great day. And spending it with Olive made it that much more special.  

July 17, 2017

Day 3 - Tulum

The third day in Tulum we didn't do much of anything. A late breakfast followed by lots of beach time and then lunch at our old spot Juanita Diavola. After lunch we walked into a few shops but it was pretty hot for Olive (and me...if I'm being honest). We headed back to the hotel (IN A CAB) and spent more time on the beach and then went to another one of my favorite restaurants - Posada Margherita. Olive was super duper tired so it was a quick dinner - but still delicious!

Night 2 - Hartwood

After Xel-Ha, we went to one of my favorite places for dinner - Hartwood. My mom and I had such an amazing meal here last year. Olive didn't eat as much as I would have liked...but she still loved the steak! More pictures to come from our Tulum adventure. Sadly - there aren't a ton of me because my camera was very heavy for Olive. Oops.