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June 29, 2019

Olive's 2nd Grade Video

For the last 3 years we've made videos for Olive's class. Here is her 2nd grade video. Crazy to see how much bigger these kids have gotten.

Buster's Kinder Video

Every year we make an end of the year video for Olive's class. Since Buster is now at the same school we decided we had to do the same for him! Here is his Kindergarten video.

June 22, 2019


 In second grade kids take the OLSAT in public schools. Apparently it's a test to figure out if you are gifted or not. I went to private school so I never knew what it was but Andrew tested gifted when he was younger so knew far more about it then me. We decided not to pressure Olive about it and just see where she ended up. Well....she tested in the top 5% and we took her out to celebrate. WE are so proud of our little girl. And not just because of this. I don't need a test to tell us she is GIFTED AND TALENTED! First we did the outdoor slide at Oue Space. And then we went to Bottega Louie for dinner.

PS. Can you believe the things that Olive packed in her purse?!?!  Bandaids, scissors, lipgloss, sharpie, and a rock!

June 13, 2019

Peter Pan

In early May the kids performed in a production of Peter Pan at their school. Buster was a Lost Boy and Olive was Chief Tiger Bamboo. There were definitely some tears over the parts (Olive) but in the end it all worked out. They were both fantastic! 

June 8, 2019

My Birthday

I know it's been a little too long to write about my birthday - but I finally feel like I can breathe. The kids got out of school yesterday so I'm hoping I can focus on doing a couple of blog entries. My birthday fell on a Saturday this year, which was nice. My mom flew in to LA and we did a little shopping, had lunch, and then got ready for dinner with the kids and a few friends at Hedleys. After dinner my mom took the kids home and we went out for drinks and dancing. It was a pretty fun night!