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June 30, 2011

Olive Goes to Georgia's House

This afternoon we stopped by Georgia's house so that the little ones could play.  Olive was mesmerized with all of the new toys and areas to crawl around.  We stayed so long we even got to meet Georgia's grandma and aunties!

Mommy Loves Take a Bao

Today Olive and I went to the Century City Mall to have lunch and do some window shopping before heading over to Georgia's house.  I couldn't resist my favorite place - Take a Bao.  I'm a creature of habit and always get the Panang Noodles.  For some reason I was feeling a little adventurous and wanted something different.  I decided on the Hoisin Steak Bowl and it was absolutely delicious.  I rarely ever get red meat for lunch or dinner - but I'm glad I did!

Olive sat quietly and ate her crackers while mommy ate her yummy steak bowl.  My daughter is such a sweetie pie.

June 29, 2011

stand and deliver

olive's been crawling for a few weeks now, but lately she's added a new trick to her repertoire - standing.

something tells me it's only gonna be a few weeks before she's walking circles around us.

Olive's First Audition

This morning we headed downtown for Olive's first audition.  American Apparel was looking for children aged 6 months to 5 years for their expanding kids line.  Andrew and I both agreed that if it was super crowded we would turn right around and go home.  Believe it or not, there was hardly anyone there.  Maybe they were super selective with the photos they received prior to the casting call backs?

Olive, of course, looked gorgeous in her purple dress.  However, she wouldn't sit still.  I'm not sure that is good for a baby that needs to be showing off the clothes.  Oh well - we will just have to wait and see what happens.  And yes - that is Georgia's cute little feet in the picture.

June 28, 2011

BFF's 4-Ever

Sunday afternoon Georgia came over to go swimming with Olive.  They really are too cute when they are together.

I finally got to meet Georgia's daddy, David and Andrew finally got to meet Michelle.  I talk about her and Georgia every day so it was about time that we all got together!

It has been absolutely gorgeous lately so it was the perfect day to spend in the pool.  It is so nice having Andrew around because I'm able to actually swim as opposed to holding Olive the entire time.

I mean look at that face - she is absolutely precious.  She is a good influence on Olive too.  She was crawling before 6 months and standing up not long after that.  Olive took one look at all the cool things Georgia could do and quickly learned how to do it herself.

Fan Mail

The sweetest thing happened twice last week!  Olive received 2 presents in the mail from fans of the blog!  The first being the cutest little seersucker jumper from Great Aunt Joan's friend, Lynda.  Although we haven't had the pleasure of meeting her, she thinks Olive is adorable and couldn't resist buying her a little something.  We can't wait to put it on for the cute outfit of the week!!  I'm sure it won't be long before she moves up a size.

The second present was from Auntie Ida and it was the same seersucker material but the dress!!  You can't tell from the picture but she accidentally ordered a size 12 instead of 12 months.  Ooops.  Thankfully I found the right size at one of the stores in LA.  I can't wait to put Olive in both of these adorable outfits!  Janie and Jack is her absolute favorite.  Thank you both so much.

Mommy Loves to Shop

There is one rule in the Cahn household - mommy is not allowed to go grocery shopping at Target.  For some reason whenever I go it ends up being a $200 trip.  Yesterday I had to run by there to pick up laundry detergent and fabric softener.  As you can see from the picture above - there are a lot more things in my cart than just those 2 items.  I got sidetracked with beach towels, ironing boards, irons, lotion, and crackers for Olive (she is eating one in the pic).  Take a guess at how much it all came out to?

June 26, 2011

Glamour Shot - 36 Weeks

Olive Harper Cahn - 36 Weeks

June 25, 2011

Bye-Bye Auntie Ayslinn

Friday was Ayslinn's last day in Los Angeles so we decided to go to lunch at Gjelina before she flew back home to New Hampshire.  The food, as always, was delicious.  Too bad the people that work there are such toolboxes.  We will miss you Auntie Ayslinn!

If you look closely you can almost make out our celebrity sighting of the day.  Uma Thurman was having lunch a few tables over from us.  Olive is the perfect prop to snap photos of the rich and famous.  Unfortunately I wasn't thinking quick enough and forgot to use my zoom.  Oh well, I'll remember next time.

P.S. Thanks dad for your amazing photoshop skills!

Early Evening Swim

Tonight daddy came home a little early and we decided to take a dip in the pool.  At 6pm the water was still a warm 88 degrees.  It was perfect.  Who knew our new pool cover would get the water warmer than our old solar heater?

June 24, 2011


On Thursday afternoon we joined Michelle and Georgia for a kindermusik class at the Pump Station in Santa Monica.  We sang songs, listened to some interesting musical instruments, and played with other babies.  Olive and I had so much fun we signed up for the next 3 classes!

olive pens her first book

i know it is a few days late - but i wanted to post some pictures of olive's first published novel.  it's just a few pages from the book, i don't want to give it all away!

it was a special little book she wrote for father's day. it is awesome and i love it.

Guess Who Has More Teeth?

A few days ago Olive's canine teeth broke through.  Although, I'm not quite sure how they came in before her two front teeth!  She is going to look like the cutest little vampire when they are fully out!

In case you couldn't see it - here is a close up!  I know this might look a little cruel but don't be fooled -  she loved the attention.

June 22, 2011

Cool Blocks

Grandma Carolyn bought Olive these blocks and she loves them!  They are from a company called Fred and Friends, and they have the funniest things printed on them - V for Vinyl, K for Karate, Z for Zamboni.  I cool is that?

Georgia Comes to Swim

Today Michelle and Georgia came over to swim since it was sunny and gorgeous outside.

I hope these two little munchkins are friends when they are older.  Their birthdays are 2 days apart.  Michelle had Georgia on my due date and I had Olive on hers!!  I mean it is fate, right?

Olive's New Hat

Last week when we were at Century City Mall I found this cute hat at a store called Riginals.  They have the most amazing baby things including bows - which I bought a ton of.  Believe it or not, I searched 10 stores before finding them there.

Guess Who's Standing?

In the last few days Olive has figured out how to pull herself up into to a standing position.  I thought it was tough before when I had to race all over the place when she was crawling.  Now she tries to pull up on anything - furniture, the wall, her toy box.

And her crib - forget about it.  She gets so excited to be in there now because it is easy for her to pull up with the side bars.  Our bedtime routine is now 10 x harder.

June 21, 2011

Cute Outfit of the Week

Yesterday when Olive and I were at the Grove, I couldn't resist going into the Janie & Jack store. They were having a crazy sale and I had to buy this outfit.  The purple linen pants are ridiculous.

Glamour Shot - 35 Weeks (ish)

Olive Harper Cahn - 35 Weeks (ish)

Father's Day Brunch

We celebrated Father's Day with Andrew's family in Santa Barbara.  We had brunch at Zaytoon which coincidentally means Olive in Arabic! Andrew, as usual, criticized his parents on how they force fed him Laura Scudders natural peanut butter.  He said life would have been much easier for him if he had been able to eat Jif.  Thankfully he turned out pretty well despite his hardships.  I, personally, think his parents did an excellent job of raising him.  Even though he likes to complain a lot - I did marry him for a reason.  That reason being he is one of the smartest and sweetest boys I know.

After our brunch, we headed over to Dan's (Lindsay's bf) antique car shop, Goodman Reed.  They have a warehouse full of expensive, beautiful old cars.

Dan loved driving this 1955 MG TF1500.

Daddy and Olive loved this silver Mercedes convertible 190SL.  I'm not an antique car connoisseur, but it was beautiful.  It was definitely my favorite out of all of them.

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there.  Olive especially wants to wish a very special day to the men in her life - Daddy, Grandpa Dan, Grandpa Chris, and Papa Mel.  She loves you all very much.