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October 30, 2019

Andrew - UPDATE

I'm pretty sure I fell into the above category when Andrew was going through chemo. It's not easy knowing the "right" thing to say to someone. I'm sure I put my foot in my mouth every single day. The entire thing was hard on everyone. Andrew, me, and the kids. He was really really sick for such a long time and it was so hard to watch.  The worst part was that I didn't know how to help him. My main priority had to be the kids. And he was on isolation protocol for almost 9 weeks.  In any case - he's through the worst of it and slowly starting to feel better.  There were a few times where we didn't know what would happen - in the hospital for 8 days with a blood clot and an infection and back in the hospital a week or so later with a temperature of 104. He ultimately had to have a blood transfusion which made him feel so much better.  From there it was mostly uphill with just a few little setbacks. Today - he is feeling much much better than he was 4 weeks ago.  But again it's been almost 4 weeks without chemo.  He's been back to work for 3 weeks which I think has helped him too. I'm sure being in a bed for most of the day is no fun.  We are slowly getting our life back together which is nice.  Hopefully he gets the all clear in the next few weeks from his various CT scans and blood tests.

October 29, 2019

Olive Runs for Student Council

Now that Olive is in 3rd Grade she is able to run for Student Council at her Elementary School.  She's made it to the second round for 3rd Grade Goodwill Ambassador.  Andrew had the great idea of making the above poster! Olive absolutely loves it and it was supposed to go up on Monday.  However, with the fires all of the schools in the area are closed. (It's been 3 days of not leaving the house and I'm going a bit crazy to be honest!)

October 7, 2019


Back in July, Buster and I went to Hawaii.  I think its important to do special things with each kid individually and it was Buster's turn this year!! Sadly what I discovered is - is that I don't LOVE Hawaii. I prefer Mexico far more.  It just seems more exotic, less expensive, and more fun!

On one of the 5 days we were there we took a little roadtrip (I mean...lets be honest all we wanted to do was hang out by the pool) and went to Akaka Falls and Hapuna Beach.  Thankfully it wasn't a crazy hike to get to the waterfall and it was absolutely gorgeous.

Hapuna Beach is one of my favorites on the Big Island.  Andrew and I stayed there before we were married and I definitely wanted to take Buster. One thing about both of my kids - THEY LOVE THE BEACH.