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September 19, 2018

London Here I Come

Guys....I'M GOING TO LONDON in a few days.  It's one of those places that I've always dreamed of going....but never actually got around to it.  Long story short - my bff Lotus is going for work and invited me to stay with her.  Flights were inexpensive so I decided to GO FOR IT.  I'm going for a week.  A WEEK!!  Yes, I'll miss the kids.  Yes, I'll miss Andrew.  BUT I'M GOING TO LOVE EVERY SECOND OF LONDON.  I've already booked a walking tour that included a special entrance into Buckingham Palace.  I got tickets for Hamilton.  I have reservations at a few restaurants I'm dying to try and tea service at a hot spot one afternoon. I'm also seriously thinking about heading to Paris one day.  Can you tell I'm beyond excited?!