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January 31, 2011

Nap Nanny to the Rescue!

Last week when my mom was in town, she got Olive the Nap Nanny.  Olive is growing like a weed and quickly getting too big for the boppy.  The Nap Nanny is perfect because it is much bigger and more upright so she can see more things around her.  She loved being in it and watched mommy make daddy dinner tonight.

Granted - this is how babies are supposed to sit/sleep in it.  Olive definitely has her own style.

January 30, 2011

Olive Loves Tummy Time

For the last couple months Olive has not been that into tummy time - she usually starts crying after a minute or two.  A few weeks ago in my Mommy & Me class, the instructor Julie gave some great advice.  Roll up a blanket and put it under the baby's chest so that they are propped up a little.  Ever since I started doing that - Olive loves tummy time.  We use the special pillow that came with her play gym and it works perfectly!

Look at those eyes!  She is going to be a heartbreaker when she grows up.

Night on the Town

Last night Olive and I had dinner with Uncle Shawn, Austin, and Auntie Lotus.  Daddy was at a fancy awards show with a bunch of celebs so we decided to live it up.  Granted our dinner was at 6pm - so we couldn't get into too much trouble.

January 29, 2011

Cutest Shoes Ever

Grandma Carolyn made Olive the cutest little purple shoes and matching hat before she was born.  I've been putting them on her since they finally fit.  If you can believe it - they actually stay on her little feet.  Most of her socks fall off after only a few hours.  I'm hoping Grandma makes her a few more pairs.  She needs them every color to match all her cute little outfits!

Glamour Shot - 15 Weeks

Olive Harper Cahn - 15 weeks

January 28, 2011

A Baby No Longer

Olive is growing up far too fast.  My little baby now weighs 14 pounds and fits into her 6 month clothes!  It won't be long before she'll be driving and wearing makeup!

More Bumbo

I realized you couldn't see the actual Bumbo chair in the pictures I posted! Here are a few more of Olive enjoying her toys AND her new chair.

Olive Loves Her New Chair

Thursday morning, Grandma Melodie took us to Target to get Olive a few goodies before our Mommy and Me class.  One of those things happened to be the Bumbo Baby Seat.

It lets Olive sit up and see everything around her.  Grandma also got her the detachable tray so she has a place to put her toys!

I think Olive is definitely into it.  Thanks Grandma Melodie!!!  We love you.

Grandma's New Haircut

Wednesday afternoon Grandma Rufer got her hair cut at the Chris McMillan salon.  He is a celebrity hair stylist who made the "Rachel" cut famous on Jennifer Aniston.  In any case - she looked gorgeous after they were done with her.

Massage Class

I couldn't help posting this cute picture of Olive from our massage class on Tuesday afternoon.  She is such a cutie pie.

January 26, 2011

Olive Loves Massage

Tuesday morning my mom flew into Los Angeles to spend a few days with us.  She was fortunate enough to see Olive in action in our massage class. Lets just say that Olive loves to hear the sound of her voice!  At one point the instructor started laughing when she heard Olive making her usual noises and said "I should have known it was you!".  At least she takes after mommy in something.

January 25, 2011

Dinner at the Kirkpatricks!

Last night we went over to Auntie Molly and Uncle Tim's house for a yummy dinner.  Molly's mom, brother, and sister-in-law were all in town and cooked up a few delicious old family recipes.

Pork chops, homemade apple sauce, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad, and sauerkraut.  Believe it or not, I went back for a second helping!

Of course Olive was on her best behavior.  She is seriously the best baby ever.  She sat quietly in her car seat, sucking on her fingers, while we all ate dinner.  She loves her little mini teddy blanket that Grandma Carolyn made her.

We got home around 9:30pm and quickly started getting her ready for bed.  The new thing we've added to her daily routine is that daddy reads her a book right after the bath.  It's pretty darn cute to see them together.

January 23, 2011

olive's 1 year birthday, sort of.

as close as we can figure it, young olive was conceived on or about january 20th, which also happens to be garrett's birthday.  to commemorate the special event, grandma and grandpa cahn came down to babysit for a few hours so kim and i could enjoy some quality time together.

our first stop was to the movie theater to see the green hornet.  i'm not sure if that counts as quality entertainment, but dinner more than made up for it.  piccolo is this little tiny storefront restaurant that is hidden behind a maze of homeless, hippies, and other assorted burnouts on venice beach.  once you get inside it's amazing.  the only mishap was that kim accidentally ordered venison, not knowing it was deer.  but by the end of the night even kim was raving about how delicious bambi was.

we were also supposed to go to garrett's birthday celebration at a bar afterwords, but since we are responsible and boring new parents who go to bed at 10pm, we had to bail on it.  sorry garrett, and thank you garrett.

back to the momentous event of a year ago.  this is my estimation of what it looked like -

January 22, 2011

Glamour Shot - 14 Weeks

Olive Harper Cahn - 14 Weeks

January 21, 2011

Mommy's New Favorite Thing

I know I've mentioned on the blog that Andrew and I have been opposed to thumb sucking.  Well all that has changed - at least partially.  Last night we tried to put Olive to sleep a little earlier than her normal 9:30pm bedtime.  In our Mommy & Me class they stress that 7pm is the ideal time to put babies down.  Somehow we were able to get her to bed at 8pm and still have a nice dinner together.  Olive woke up around 2am and quickly fell back asleep after I fed her.  She was up again at 5am, but after a few minutes I realized she was sucking on her fingers and didn't need me! She fell back asleep on her own and woke up again at 7pm.  Thank goodness for that thumb!

January 19, 2011

Olive's New Toy

Now that Olive has found her hands I've been supplying her with as many toys as I can!  First it was her stuffed animals - which are still a little too big for her tiny fingers.  Then it was her rattle which she can easily grasp and shake.  Now I've moved on to Sophie the Giraffe.  It is the must have toy for all new moms.  It squeaks when squeezed and is the perfect thing for babies that are teething.  Every time I put it near Olive's face she squeals in delight.

Olive's First Bank Account

Today Olive and I went to Wells Fargo to open her first bank account. Aunt Marcia and Uncle Mike gave her $$ for Christmas, so it was the perfect reason for her to start saving!  Hopefully she is financially responsible like daddy.

January 18, 2011


Olive is finally big enough for the Mamaroo.  I decided to give it another go the other day since she is growing like a weed.  I'm not sure what she thinks - but she seemed into it.  At least she didn't throw up like last time!

January 16, 2011

Olive's First Picnic

Since daddy had the day off today, we decided to head outside for a picnic.  We stopped at Joans on Third for some delicious snacks and made our way to the park.

Olive had a minor blowout while we were there and got a little poo on her socks.  She wasn't too happy when her little feet were bare.  Our relaxing day at the park ended a little earlier than we would have liked.  Next time I'll remember to pack an extra pair of socks.

Cutest Outfit Ever

It was 80 degrees today so I wanted to put Olive in something that wouldn't be too hot for her.  I never thought this 6 month outfit would fit! It was one of the first things I bought before she was born.  She is even cuter in it than I imagined.

Thank you Mom

I just wanted to say a special thank you to my mom, Melodie.  She does so much for me, Andrew, and Olive and we truly are thankful.  She is an amazing mom and grandma and we are so happy that Olive has someone like her in her life.

P.S. I look soooo much like her in the picture above!  And those glasses are H-O-T.

January 15, 2011

Glamour Shot - 13 Weeks

Olive Harper Cahn - 13 Weeks

Cover Up

A trick my mom uses, that Andrew and I have adopted, is to put a washcloth on Olive's tummy while giving her a bath.  It a good way of keeping her nice and warm.  Unfortunately Olive is getting bigger by the day and her little washcloths don't cover her entire tummy anymore. Imagine my surprise when I saw the cutest little animal washcloths designed specifically for that reason!

January 14, 2011

Olive Loves to Talk

For the last few weeks Olive has been exercising her vocal cords.  She loves to talk to her mirror and she especially loves to talk to mommy.

Best Daddy in the World

Everyone knows that Andrew is the best dad in the world.  He would do anything for me and Olive.  Last night was no exception.  I've been super duper sick and absolutely exhausted.  It's been difficult getting any sleep because Olive hasn't been feeling well either.  After a long day at the office, daddy gave Olive a bath and put mommy to bed.  He stayed on the couch with the baby monitor so that when Olive woke up, he could give her a bottle and let me sleep.  6 hours of uninterrupted sleep was just what I needed!  I'm still under the weather, but I can feel myself getting better.  Thanks dad for being such a stud.

January 13, 2011

Olive Gets Pampered Part 2

Since Olive hasn't been feeling 100%, I decided to give her a little massage this afternoon.  I put a waterproof pad down on our play mat, took off all her clothes, and propped her head on a pillow. (Andrew photoshopped the bikini to protect her lady parts) Using the techniques I learned in class on Tuesday, I rubbed her little feet and legs and talked to her softly.  She couldn't take her eyes off me and kept smiling and laughing.  I'm not sure if that is a good sign, although at least she thinks mommy is funny.

Since she passed out right after I put her clothes back on - I'd say she enjoyed it!

Sick Baby

We missed our Mommy & Me class today because Olive and I are both sick.  I thought I had kicked it last week, but yesterday it hit me again - full force.  Last night was pretty brutal with Olive waking up 3 times. Thankfully dad fed her with a bottle around midnight so I could get more than a couple hours of sleep.

She has been fussier than normal, and seems a little congested.  It's tough trying to take care of her and keep her entertained when we are both feeling so lousy.  Thankfully she is in much better spirits than me.

January 12, 2011

Thank you Phoenix!

Auntie Molly's sister, Ali, had a baby boy in late November.  His name is Phoenix and he is a cutie pie.  They sent Olive a cute t-shirt from the big island of Hawaii and this cute little monkey rattle.  As you can see - Olive loves it.  I can't wait for the two of them to meet.  I'm trying to convince daddy that we need a Hawaiian summer vacation.

January 11, 2011

Mommy's Favorite Time of Day

Every night Olive and I take a bath together and it is my absolute favorite time of day.  She just looks up at me and smiles and laughs.   It is pretty obvious that she loves being in the water.  Our nightly routine consists of bathing her, feeding her, then putting her down for the night.  Now if only she would sleep more consistently!  Last night she was up at 2am, 3am, 5am, and 6am.  I'm crossing my fingers it is just a growth spurt.

Olive Gets Pampered

Today Olive and I had big plans - a breastfeeding support group and an infant massage class at the Pump Station.   I've been looking forward to the massage class for weeks, and it did not disappoint!  Olive, of course, was on her best behavior.  She absolutely LOVED the massage and was cooing and smiling the entire time.  I am so thankful that she is such a good baby.  We really are the luckiest parents in the world.

P.S. Oliver's mom ended up calling us last week!  For some reason I wasn't getting her texts.  We took the breastfeeding class with them today and had lunch next door at the California Chicken Cafe.  He is such a cutie pie and his mom Jenn is super cool.

January 10, 2011

Olive's New Toy

Olive has officially found her thumb.  Andrew and I are against this new development, but everyone assures us its a good sign.  We just hope she doesn't make a habit of it.  It is much easier to take away the pacifier than take away her thumb!

January 9, 2011

Olive's First Laugh

Friday Olive and I had a little fun on her changing table.  As I was changing her diaper and talking to her, she let out the sweetest laugh.  I quickly ran and got my camera to try and capture the moment again.  Of course, daddy didn't believe me that those were little baby laughs.  So that night in the bathtub she let out a few more.  Needless to say, he believes me now.

8 Hour Stretch

For the last couple of days Olive hasn't been feeling 100%.  Andrew and I were both sick and most likely passed it on to her.  She has been extra fussy at night, waking up more than a few times to feed.  Well, last night she slept for 8 hours straight.  I even had to check on her at 5am to make sure she was breathing!!  After feeding her around 6am I brought her into bed with us and we slept for another 3 hours.  There is nothing like a good nights rest!

January 8, 2011

Questionable Parenting Skills

Andrew is a great dad.  He absolutely adores Olive and is so good with her.  Although judging from the above picture, I might think twice before leaving her alone with him.

Glamour Shot - 12 Weeks

Olive Harper Cahn - 12 Weeks

January 6, 2011

Mommy & Me

Last week I signed up for a 2 month Mommy and Me class at the Pump Station.  It was completely filled, but somehow I managed to sweet talk them into letting Olive and I in.  Today was our first session and we both had a lot of fun.  We sang a few songs and everyone introduced themselves.  We all talked about our pregnancies, our births, and how things were going with our little ones.

Olive was on her best behavior for almost the entire class!  Towards the end she got a little hungry so I fed her and she was fine.

Unfortunately I caught her sucking her thumb.  Uh oh.  I'm hoping it doesn't become a regular habit.  I figure it is much easier to get rid of the pacifier than her finger!