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November 29, 2016

El Capitan Day 1

Two weekends ago we headed to Santa Barbara for our annual camping trip to El Capitan. Believe it or not - we had an even bigger cabin this year! The kids (and adults) had soooooo much fun. 

Olive Update

I swear that my 6 year old is really 16. She acts like a teenager most of the time. I'm hoping that when she really is 16 she won't go through the painful teenage phase.

- Currently has 3 strands of pink in her hair
- Loves getting facials and massages with me
- Her best friend at school is Katie, Liv, and Gianna
- Has Lost 7 teeth
- Can read sooooooo well. It actually blows my mind that she is in kindergarten and reading at a 2nd grade level
- Had her first boyfriend but they broke up after a few weeks. I think they might be back on again
- Starting to get so so so so so sassy. The attitude kills me.
- Stopped ballet. Started gymnastics. We are currently off gymnastics now too. Hopefully in the new year she'll want to go back to one of them.
- Wants a dog for Christmas. Now sure how we are going to get out of it for a few more years.
- Loves watching Kidz Bop on youtube.

November 20, 2016

November 8, 2016

Olive's School Picture

Olive Cahn, 2016

Halloween Night

On Halloween night we went over to Glenda and Jeff's for their annual party. This was the first year that Buster really got into trick or treating. Last year he was sick - and the year before he was just a year old and had no clue what was going on. I have to admit - he was pretty cute as the Cheshire cat. He would take handfuls of candy at every door and give the owner a crooked grin. How could they resist? Sadly - around 6:30pm he was ready to go home. At least his pumpkin was filled to the brim!!!

November 7, 2016

November 6, 2016


A few weeks ago Olive's school had their annual Walkathon fundraiser. Olive won again this year with the highest donation amount! Thank you so much to everyone who participated. You will all be receiving a phone call from Olive as soon as she is better (currently she is laying on the couch was a stomach bug).

November 1, 2016

Olive's Birthday Party!

A couple of Sundays ago we threw Olive a little birthday party at the house. And by little I mean that there were about 60 people there! We swam, got a bounce house, and an ice cream truck. All in all - it was a super fun time. I still can't believe me sweet little girl is six years old. Time flies......