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July 10, 2019

Yosemite 2019

In June, after the kids were out of school, we drove to Yosemite for a little mini vacation. Every year the entire family goes for a few days. This year we were leaving the kids with my mom for a week!

The second day the Oliveiras went home and we hiked lower Yosemite Falls with my mom and Auntie Connie.  I use the word hike VERY loosely since it's not very difficult at all.

On our last day we explored swinging bridge. The bridge didn't swing (which would have been cool) but the views were GORGEOUS. 

July 2, 2019

Kid Update


- Doesn't like boys (especially Gustavo)
- Favorite TV show is Once Upon A Time 
- Favorite movie - all of the Harry Potter's
- Favorite color is every kind of blue 
- Can ride a bike with no training wheels 
- Best friends are Harper and Holdyn 
- Wants to be a chef, artist, teacher, and a mom when she grows up
- Has perfected a dive into the pool
- Going to be in 3rd grade
- Has lost 10 teeth and has 2 wiggly ones


- Going to be a 1st grader
- Excels in math
- Is very sensitive. If I raise my voice he pretty much starts to cry. (I love that he is so sensitive)
- Has lost 2 teeth
- Favorite movie is Toy Story 4 (we literally JUST saw it)
- Loves Minecraft and Roblox
- Got up the first time when he wakeboarded in Sacramento
- Feet are almost as big as Olives
- Had his first breakup (He doesn't like to talk about it)
- Favorite TV show is Blaze and the Monster Machines