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March 23, 2015

So….This Happened.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that Andrew and I had fallen in love with a beautiful mid century home. We put an offer in hours after the original owners accepted another buyer. We were beyond heartbroken, but held out hope that we would somehow get the house of our dreams. After an agonizing few weeks - it seemed that the house was not destined to be ours. Of course neither one of us could stop thinking about it. The Monday I got back from the Photo Field Trip - we got a call from our agent. The house had fallen through with the original buyer and we needed to make another offer. I started crying and screaming at the same time. I couldn't believe that this big, beautiful house that I loved with all of my heart - was ours. To be honest, I still can't believe it. Thank you to everyone for listening to me go on and on about this house. Thank you to all of you that said a prayer or lit a candle for us. Thank you to the few that actually talked to the house with me. I truly believe that it was meant to be.

* we haven't "officially" become the new owners yet as we are still in escrow- so please send good thoughts our way.

* for the record, I do actually feel bad for the original buyer. Especially if they loved it as much as us. I hope that they find something equally as cool.

March 17, 2015

Brentwood Glenn Farmers Market

Saturday afternoon we had a Brentwood Glenn Children's Farmers Market in our front yard. My friend and neighbor, Glenda, organized the entire thing. She's basically Martha Stewart - but waaaaay prettier. In any case - all the local kids (and parents) got together to sell their goodies. There were fresh eggs, fruit, cupcakes, jam, lemonade, cookies, crafts, jewelry, clothes, and more. This is definitely one of the things that I will miss about living in the Glenn. Although I'm pretty sure Glenda will invite us to the next one!

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Smilebooth, Lazers & Blazers

March 16, 2015