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March 27, 2018

Mali+Lili 2018

A few of my shots are up on the Nordstrom site so I thought I would post a few here from the new Mali+Lili line. 

Concert at the House

Last month I checked another thing off my bucket list. I had a singer I love play in our living room in front of about 60 people - some strangers, some friends.

The singer-songwriter who played was Mark Wilkinson from Australia. I started listening to him over a year ago and LOVED all of his music. I reached out when I realized he wasn't stopping in LA on his current tour.  One thing led to another and I somehow was able to have him play at the house!

It was such a fun night. Even Olive and a few of her friends were there! Thankfully Buster spent the night with Grandma and Grandpa. I'm not sure he would have had as much fun as everyone else. I'm definitely thinking about having another concert at the house soon. I just have to find the right musician. 

March 15, 2018

My Must Haves for March

1. Tee   2. Heart Sunglasses  3. Coco Rose Scrub  4. Charger  5. Navy Pump  6. Long Dress  7. Clutch  8. Luggage  9. Red Lipstick  10. Earrings  11. book  12. Toiletry bag

March 3, 2018


Last weekend we took the kids mini golfing. After the 4th hole we stopped keeping score. My competitive nature doesn't do well with sports and the kids. Andrew still thinks he would have beaten me.......which....I HIGHLY doubt. We are supposed to go back without the little ones for a rematch.

*all photos taken with my iPhone