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January 30, 2019

Mexico - Day 2

Our second day in Mexico was perfect. Except for the guilt of the kids not being in school, of course. We woke up late and had a delicious breakfast. It was my first time at an all inclusive with the kids and I have to say - it was SO nice not worrying about paying for breakfast, lunch, or dinner! After breakfast we headed to the beach. The water was pretty cold but the kids still played and had fun. After the beach we chilled at the pool. I read my book while the kids swam and had lunch. We rested for a little bit after lunch and then got ready for horseback riding. Let me just say this - I don't LOVE horses. But Olive really wanted to go - and so I rallied. I'm so glad I did because we had the best time! It was gorgeous and it was so fun being on horses on the beach. Busters pony was so dang cute. After the horses the kids jumped into the ocean for over an hour. We watched the sunset and then headed back to our room.  All in all it was a GREAT day.

January 29, 2019

Mexico - Day 1

Last Tuesday the kids and I got on a plane headed for Cabo San Lucas for 5 days. I thought the strike would last longer and I figured we could enjoy the time off in Mexico! Unfortunately the teachers and LAUSD came to an agreement on Tuesday and school resumed on Wednesday. Ooooops. 

January 28, 2019

Viva La Mexico

Mexico was absolutely perfect. The kids and I had the best time. The weather was gorgeous, the hotel was so nice, and the kids were mostly on their best behavior.  I'll post pictures of each day and all of our adventures. Here are a few pictures from our last day. The hotel had a professional photographer on site for families to have photoshoots. The only downside is that I wish Andrew could have been there since we have so few family portraits! There were so many great pictures that I couldn't decide which ones to get!

January 22, 2019

Mexico - Here we Come

For the last week teachers from the Los Angeles Unified School District have been on strike. No one knows how long it will last but they are meeting again today to try and negotiate. On a whim I booked tickets to Mexico for me and the kids. There were some amazing last minute deals so it was definitely worth it. It'll be just my luck that school will resume on Wednesday and we will still be in Mexico -enjoying the warm sun!

January 21, 2019

Olive's Birthday Party

 Normally for Olive's birthday parties we have a huge bash at our house. This year she wanted to do something small away from home. At first we were going to do a cake decorating party. Then it was roller-skating. Then after a little research on my party we settled for a 10 person escape room. Let me just say this - THEY ESCAPED!

Side note - For Olive's birthday my mom got Emma a flight to LA to spend the weekend. I love that the girls adore each other so much. It's really the sweetest thing ever.

Boney Island

 Boney Island, October 2018

My Birthday - Guest Blogger

its my birthday! october 16 2018. on my birthday me my mom and buster got massages had dounuts and went bowling with my best friends. at school we celebrated my birthday with macaroons. last but never least me mom buster and dad went to anajak thai for dinner.
guest: blogger olive

January 20, 2019

My Baby is 8

It's hard to believe that Olive turned 8 last year in October. I can't quite believe I didn't post any pictures to commemorate her big day. She's getting so grown up. Reading like crazy - which I love. Sassy - which I don't love. One thing is for sure - I love her more today than I did yesterday, but not as much as I will tomorrow.

Underwood Farms - Halloween

Back in October we went to Underwood Family Farms with friends to pick out some pumpkins. We usually go every year didn't make it the year before. I forgot how much I love it there!! Granted - we only purchased two very small pumpkins. One for Olive and one for Buster.