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November 5, 2018

The Lights Fest

A couple of years ago a friend sent me information about the Lights Festival because she knew I would love it. For the last two years I've tried to get tickets but was never quick enough. This year I bought tickets the day they were released! So Saturday we packed up the kids and drove to Barstow. There were food trucks and live music. The kids loved writing their wishes on the lanterns. I loved the Buster wants to be a better chess player. At least he has his priorities straight! Once the sun went down there were instructions on how to light the lanterns and then on the count of three everyone released them. It was truly magical to look up into the air and see thousands of lanterns flying high into the sky. I swore to Olive that I wouldn't cry....but I couldn't help it. It was seriously so beautiful. 

November 4, 2018

School Pics 2018-2019

Just got the kids school pics back. This is Buster in kindergarten. His smile....I just can't. I wish I had been there to fix his hair. Instead I was helping some other kid in his class. Oops.

This is Olive in second grade. I can remember when she first started school. Crazy to think it was 4 years ago. I'm really not sure where the time has gone.

November 1, 2018

Happy Halloween

Every year I get pretty excited for Halloween. I love dressing up as a family and this year was no exception! I really wanted to do these costumes last year....but I couldn't get it together to make them. As you can see - they took a little while to make. Each costume had battery operated wire that lit up. My costume was the most difficult because I had 6 different remotes for all the colors! Of course - Olive did not want to be the rain cloud trick or treating. So it was just Andrew and I....but I have to say...the costumes were sooooo cool at night. So many kids stopped us to tell us they loved our costumes. I just wish our kids would have worn theirs.