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April 22, 2019

Spring Break - Day 2

The start to our second day of the road trip was a bit rough. Olive ended up throwing up around 1:30 in the morning. It was DEFINITELY the milkshake. 

After breakfast we headed to the Neon Graveyard to look at all the old neon signs from the golden age of Vegas. It's one of my favorite things to do whenever I come. I'm not sure the kids appreciated it as much as I did.....but oh well.

Before heading to Flagstaff for the night - the kids and I decided to make a detour to the Valley of Fire. We wanted to see Elephant Rock and explore a little bit. Granted - I didn't realize that we would be in the car for almost 6 hours before of our little detour! We ended up getting stuck in a pretty crazy rain storm but all in all - it was worth it.  

Spring Break 2019 - Day 1

Last week the kids were on Spring Break and I decided to go on a road trip with them for 5 days. I figured it would be best to now have anything longer than a 5 hour drive to keep myself sane.  Our first stop was VEGAS!

After a very long 4+ hours we made it!!  We really started on a high note with an ENORMOUS room at the Palazzo in the Venetian. The room was gorgeous. The kids LOOOOOOOVED it. After relaxing in the room for a little bit - we all took baths and got ready for a few fun things I had planned.

First up - a gondola ride! We even got serenaded by our driver. Or is it considered a captain? Either way it was a great way to start our first night in Vegas.

Next up - dinner at Buddy V's. The kids were very excited about their light up cups. I, however, was excited for my pasta and 2 glasses of white wine. After dinner we walked across the street to Treasure Island for the Cirque Du Soleil show MYSTERE. My mom got us tickets in the front row which was sooooo nice!

After the show we headed back to our hotel where we ended the evening with a milkshake. It was late so I didn't let the kids have too much of it.  But believe me - IT WAS SO GOOD.

Olive Gets a Haircut

A few weeks ago I took Olive to my hair salon with the "possibility" that she might be able to get a haircut while I was getting a blowout.  Weeeelllll....she was able to...and she cut off more than 7 inches! She had been asking me for awhile if she could cut her hair off but I always told her NO. I loved her long hair so much...but quickly realized that she should be making some of her own decisions when it comes to her clothes and hair.  Man...letting go of these things is HARD as a parent. Thankfully it looks sooooo cute.