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May 31, 2014

Busters First Haircut

Even thought Buster doesn't have as much hair as his sister did at this age - we decided it was time for a trim! Some say the hair grows much faster after a first haircut. I'm crossing my fingers that's true. 

May 29, 2014

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Shots on the Go

Buster Update

- Knows the clock part from 'Do You Want to Build a Snowman'. Whenever he hears it playing he clucks….its pretty much the cutest thing ever.
- Knows what poo-poo means. When we say "Buster, go poo-poo" and put him on the potty - he does 9 times out of 10. And even if he doesn't have to go….he ALWAYS tries! The kid does have very frequent bowel movements so I'm not ready to comment on his genius quite yet.
- Is finally walking! He started a little before his birthday but was a little lazy about it.  Now he is standing up by himself and walking without any assistance.
- Obsessed with his red race car. Basically, if he sees it he starts screaming because he wants to cruise the neighborhood.
- Has 8 teeth. We are pretty sure he's getting some in the back because he bites everything.
- Sleeping through the night! And what's even better - he's been sleeping in. The mornings where he wakes up after 8am are the best.
- Only nursing at night.  I'm pretty sure we will be done in about a month. Makes me a little sad - but I think we are both ready.
- Eats everything. And by everything…I mean EVERYTHING. I love it.
- Loves his sister so much. Wants to be doing and playing with whatever she is playing with. Unfortunately that doesn't always end well.
- When he gets tired - he's hard to deal with. I think he wants to make sure everyone around him knows that he's not a happy camper.

May 28, 2014

Brentwood Focus - Shopping Issue

Check out the new issue of Brentwood Focus here.

Ships Ahoy!

Monday morning we met grandma and grandpa on their beautiful boat so we could cruise to Ventura for the afternoon. Olive absolutely loved it while Buster wanted nothing to do with his life jacket! He was not happy he had to wear it at all.

After docking in Ventura we had lunch by the water and the kids played in the arcade for awhile. And we couldn't leave without having an ice cream cone! We definitely saved the best for last.

All in all it was such a nice day on the boat spending time with grandma and grandpa. Thanks for a wonderful day!

May 24, 2014

Cards, Cards, and More Cards!

An old friend from my Mad River days has a greeting card company. A few months ago we had a photoshoot with a few little girls for a special YWCA card she was creating. The cards are now up on her website. Check them out here! And please buy a few to help support my friend Shelley's business! The one of Olive running towards the ocean is my absolute favorite.

May 22, 2014

Olive Update

- Loves to sing songs on the radio. Her favorites are 'Happy', 'Girl on Fire', 'Story of my Life', and 'Let it Go' from Frozen
- Still a picky eater but thankfully she adds a few things to her repertoire every month.
- Can spell her name!
- Is currently obsessed with kindergarten. She keeps asking me "mommy - when can I go to kindergarten?"
- Loves to have books read to her.
- Refuses to wear pants and shorts. She says "Girls wear dresses mommy." Not sure what she thinks of me since I'm always in jeans….
- Still cannot sleep without her pacifiers. She promises that she will give them up for her 4th birthday. Of course she wants the paci fairy to leave her a dog. (more on that later)
- She loves to name all of her "future" animals. Her current favorite names are Zip, Magic, and Ziaga (no idea where she got that one)
- Hula-Hooping is her new favorite thing. She's actually pretty good at it too!
- Loves to play pretend. She always wants to be the mommy and me to be the sister. She uses the cutest high pitched voice when we are playing pretend. Pretty much the cutest thing ever.

May 21, 2014

Buster's Big Bash!

Sunday afternoon we threw a big birthday bash for Buster. In the beginning I said it was going to be a small affair, but things spiraled out of control pretty quickly. 

Olive requested that a few of her friends be invited AND that we get a piñata. I didn't realize it would be such a huge success - I want a piñata at every party (including mine!). Watching all the little ones try and bat out the candy was pretty darn cute. Buster, however, was not amused. He was not happy when we took the stick away from him!

There was a such a great mix of people there. I have to say - we have amazing friends and family. Both my mom and dad came down specifically to be at the party!

My favorite part of the day was when Buster got his own special "smash" cake. He went through such a range of emotions - from shock while watching the candle sparkle, to smiles when everyone sang 'Happy Birthday', then irritation that the cake was on his hand! He really is the cutest one year old ever.

We had hoola-hoops and balls as party favors and everyone enjoyed playing with them out front. I have  to admit - I had far too much fun. I LOVED to hoola-hoop as a kid!

All the kids wanted to help light the bigger cake - so each one got a turn lighting a candle. We sang Happy Birthday again and gave every one a slice of the confetti cake from Susie Cakes. (I wish I had a close up picture of it!)

Thank you to everyone who came out and made Busters big day so special. I still cannot believe my little baby is one. Time went by FAR too fast.