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July 4, 2021

Kid Update



- Going into 5th grade - I literally cannot believe how big she is
- Favorite TV show is Gossip Girl and Stranger Things
- Loves to swim
- Likes to ride her new bike
- Favorite colors are blue and purple and green
- Loves steak.  And when I say loves I mean LOVES
- Been watching all my favorite 80's movie
- Has lost all of her teeth
- Likes to make bracelets (I did the same when I was her age) 
- Wears a size 6 in ladies shoes


- Going into 3rd grade - lord help me
- Has a playlist that he loves to dance to - he's actually really good
- Has about 10 different girlfriends - believe me ALL the girls love him
- Loves Fortnite, Minecraft, and Roblox
- Wears a size 4 in kids shoes
- Has become such an amazing reader and writer
- Loves math
- Wants to run for student council
- Has lost 8 teeth
- Wants to play baseball this year

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